W&M Sports Blog Signs NIL Deal with Hollis Mathis!

Magic Box

Boy, who would’ve thought. When Kyle and I began the W&M Sports Blog over 7 years ago at W&M (in Ludwell, of all places) in 2014, we never thought it would result in this: our announcement of a signed NIL deal with William & Mary’s starting quarterback. But hey, what happens in Ludwell…can lead to great things…right? Alright, let’s not push it too far.

But yes, we at the W&M Sports Blog are extremely excited to announce that we have signed an official sponsorship deal with Hollis Mathis. So what exactly should readers of the WMSB expect with this newfound alliance?

For starters, a lot more Hollis — the team’s starting quarterback. If there’s one thing we’re most excited about, it’s the chance to provide William & Mary fans a true behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to be a starting quarterback at William & Mary, a football program that’s been around since the 1890s. But we feel pretty safe in saying that a W&M QB has never been featured the way we plan to feature Hollis.

To start, here’s a quote from Hollis himself commenting on this partnership:”Super excited about our partnership and showcasing the great things of William & Mary. Stay tuned.” And we promise, the is the first of many Hollis Mathis quotes you can expect from here on out.

Having graduated from the second-oldest school in the country, the historic nature of this deal is not lost on us. I mean how often does W&M’s starting quarterback officially sign with any media outlet? It certainly hasn’t happened before, that much we do know! Fans can expect more regular interviews, Hollis article content, video interviews, behind-the-scenes looks, and more with Hollis.

Really, it’s about getting W&M fans exciting, exclusive content that they can’t get anywhere else. (trust me — we’ve tried; in fact,that’s exactly why we gave up on looking for more W&M content and just created the WMSB ourselves!). If you have some fun, interesting content ideas, we’re all ears. In fact, please leave a comment here or on social media and let us know what type of content you’d like to see.

We’ll look to connect Hollis more directly to us, and to the rest of the Tribe through engaging content that will get him that much closer to our readers; and as we all know, our readers represent the single biggest (read: best) group of W&M Tribe fans ever assembled on the internet. And who knows, maybe we’ll do a custom, limited edition merchandise drop with Hollis? So as the man himself said, “stay tuned” — and get excited for the William & Mary Tribe.

And hey, if you’re not already following Hollis on social media, start following him now! Twitter (link here); Instagram (link here).


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