AD Samantha Huge Resigns: Fan Reactions

Perhaps it was inevitable. Perhaps we should have seen this one coming.

Ultimately, it was Samantha Huge‘s decision to cut 7 W&M sports that brought her down.

Today, W&M President Katherine Rowe announced that Athletics Director Samantha Huge will be resigning from her post at the College.

This brings an end to a list of polarizing decisions that were made under Huge’s tenor.

Ultimately, it was Huge’s vision — a vision emphasizing football and basketball, that did not sit well with many students and alums.

It’ll take a while for us to process the full extent of this move. What is clear is that W&M will face a long road to recovery; mending fences will not be a task that is accomplished overnight.

But we’ll stop talking, and let others chime in.

Below is an assortment of comments, largely taken from the Green and Gold Facebook group, that have been posted on social media since the news broke earlier today.

Leave a comment below and let us know what you think the best way forward for W&M is.

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