#StayAtHome Series: W&M’s Top Buzzer Beaters (with videos!)

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Senior Point Guard Marcus Thornton
#3 Marcus Thornton (below) & Daniel Dixon (above) established themselves as clutch players throughout their careers at W&M.

Over the past several seasons, Tribe fans have been treated to some miraculous finishes. Last second heaves, three point shots, half court shots — we’ve experienced a bit of everything.

Stars such as Marcus ThorntonDaniel Dixon, and Nathan Knight have had their time in the limelight, but an unlikely star or two has also joined the fold.

So with all that being said, we set out to rank W&M’s top buzzer beaters, dating back to 2014. Roll Tribe Roll.

7. Nathan Knight vs. St. Joe’s

(November 24, 2018)

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6. Nathan Knight vs. Northeastern

(January 4, 2020)

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5. Marcus Thornton vs. Drexel

(January 25, 2014)

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4. Nathan Knight vs. Northeastern (again)

(January 30, 2020)

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3. Daniel Dixon vs. Hofstra

(January 2, 2017)

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2. Oliver Tot vs. ODU

(November 25, 2017)

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1. Daniel Dixon vs. Hofstra: CAA Semifinals

(March 8, 2015)



2 thoughts on “#StayAtHome Series: W&M’s Top Buzzer Beaters (with videos!)

  1. Great but take it way way way back to the the tribes defeat over the unc tar heels I think it was 1978? They did it for Kratzer! #gotribe

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