Custom, Limited-Edition WMSB Shirts For Sale Now!

Due to rising demand, we’ve started a “group order” for the below WMSB shirts! As you remember, our readers voted for the back and front design last week — the designs that won the vote were selected for the shirt! 

Because they’re custom made, they’ll run everyone about $22 each (plus a small shipping fee) — think of this as an opportunity to own a super-cool shirt that literally no one else you know owns.

Custom Ink (the t-shirt design company) will take your payment and address details; we won’t, so you don’t have to worry about that. All we can see is who ordered what, nothing about your credit/debit card or address. We, as the WMSB, are pulling $0 profit on this. Roll Tribe Roll. 

The way it works is simple (but get yours before they run out!):

  1. Click on the link here

  2. Input your shirt size(s), payment details, and address  — you’re done.
  3. We’ll finalize the group order after a certain period of time (within the next 1-2 weeks). You’ll receive the shirt 1-2 weeks after that.
  4. The items will then be shipped directly to your address.



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