Would you Buy these Custom W&M T-Shirts?

The fearless founders/writers of the W&M Sports Blog, Davey ’15 left and Kyle ’17 right.

It’s not an uncommon occurrence, that is, for me or Kyle to wear our patented William & Mary Sports Blog t-shirts to a Tribe sporting event. Yes, we do get curious looks, as well as questions on where we purchased our Green and Gold regalia. 

Some of you may even remember the limited edition custom t-shirt we put together about a year and a half ago; heck, if you’re lucky enough, you may have even purchased one.

And because it was such a success, and because we constantly have folks asking us to make more shirts, we’ve gone ahead and designed multiple new tees. Check them out below, and VOTE on your favorite front-side and back-side…and perhaps, just MAYBE, we’ll submit a design for approval.

Of course, each of the designs are subject to copyright approval, so it’s not guaranteed that an individual design will pass muster, but we’ve had luck with this in the past (so, fingers crossed if we create a new batch!).

Last time we did this, the custom shirts ran about $30 each, but the more people we get to commit to buying, the less money each shirt will cost upon order. SO check ’em out, and be sure to VOTE below! LET’S GO TRIBE. 


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