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Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s finally here. A group created by William & Mary super fans for William & Mary super fans. There aren’t many of us in this world — so yes, we need to stick together. And while we know times are tough for some Tribe sports, it’s times like these that make the wins that much sweeter.

With that being said, we at the W&M Sports Blog have created a new group, the Green & Gold Club. We hope to accomplish many things with it, but above all, we want to hear from YOU. Over the past 5 years (can you believe we’ve lasted this long? Yeah, we neither), you’ve heard a lot from us: from articles to videos — hell, we even have a podcast now. So it’s about time you get to voice your opinions too. And we want to hear them.

The Green & Gold Club will be a closed Facebook group in which Tribe fans can post 24/7, 365 about anything and everything related to Tribe Athletics: men’s teams, women’s teams, all sports, in-season, out-of-season, etc. Of course, there will be rules (make sure to check out the group’s description for them), but we want to bring the Tribe Athletics community even closer together than it already is.

So go crazy. Post Tribe Athletics-related pictures and videos, use Facebook’s poll functionality to gauge the opinion of the Green and Gold masses, discuss what’s irking you, and talk about what you love about your Tribe. Jump in on others’ posts and comment, reminisce about the good ole days, complain about how we no longer bear the feathers, and of course — root on your William & Mary Tribe.

So without further ado, find the link to the Facebook group below — and begin posting. Welcome to the Green & Gold Club.


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