WMSB PODCAST EPISODE 3: Tribe Football, Dane Fischer Contract, and OTOD

Podcast #3 Pic

We recently published EPISODE 3 of the William and Mary Sports Blog podcast! Whether you are commuting, hanging out, or just can’t find enough Tribe sports talk – we have you covered!

In this EpisodeWe start by talking about Tribe Football, highlighting the Spring Game as well as provide a preview of the Offense and Defense. We then talk about Basketball Coach Dane Fischer’s new staff and his yearly salary (including some absurdly funny incentives), and we cap it all off with a discussion on the impact of One Tribe One Day (OTOD) and where we donated this year.

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But most importantly, enjoy the podcast, and thank you for listening! LET’S GO TRIBE.

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2 thoughts on “WMSB PODCAST EPISODE 3: Tribe Football, Dane Fischer Contract, and OTOD

  1. Keep the podcasts coming. I like the detailed insight of the players, coaches, and administration.

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