Throwback Video: W&M Homecoming, 1963

We’ll soon be getting into the dog days of summer, and as W&M Tribe Athletics officially enters a lull period, we find ourselves reminiscing about the good old days. Now we know what you’re thinking — were you around back then? No, but it sure is fun to watch the Green and Gold’s pixelated past unfold before our very eyes.

The luxury that we have as William & Mary fans is the rich history of a school that dates back to 1693, the second oldest college in the nation. The time capsule enclosed in this W&M Sports Blog article brings us back. Flip the 6 and the 9 in 1693, and bingo — you guessed it, 1963. Specifically, W&M Homecoming 1963. Remember it? Me neither, but thankfully someone was forward thinking enough to capture it all on film (literally, on film).

Getting by the old guys playing golf at the beginning, you should be sure to check out some of the high points of the video, as we note below. The biggest overall takeaway we have from this recollection is that while some things have clearly changed in the Burg since ’63, several traditions and W&M favorites have remained untouched throughout the decades.

  • At the 2:40 mark: Copious amounts of 1960s fashion looks on to a colonial marching parade on the Sunken Garden.
  • 5:30: A WAMPO siting at the Homecoming Parade! What’s WAMPO, you ask? William And Mary Pony, of course! WAMPO served as the unofficial/official mascot of the William & Mary Indians for many years.
  • 9:30: Video of vintage Zable Stadium for the Homecoming game. W&M vs. West Virginia — yes, you read that correctly. The Mountaineers were hosted by your W&M Tribe at Zable Stadium. Imagine that. And of course, there’s another WAMPO siting, but this time, on the field! Long live WAMPO.
  • 10:45: The William & Mary band during the half time show… can we bring this band back?
  • 12:20: What did I just see? What has been seen can never be unseen, unfortunately.

Roll Tribe.

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