CAA BASKETBALL: Preseason Rankings

The Shot
“The Shot,” which will forever life in infamy. Daniel Dixon’s last-second, game winning 3 point shot vs. Hofstra in the 2015 CAA Tournament. [photo:]
Did you read the title of this article? Yes, we said BASKETBALL! The time is soon upon us, as the season is literally right around the corner. In just SEVENTEEN days, W&M will open up its season against Bridgewater in the friendly confines of Kaplan Arena. And boy, are we ready. Just yesterday, the CAA released its Preseason rankings. Now, as we all know, these rankings really don’t mean anything. Especially in a league like the CAA ripe with parity, just about any team can rise to the top. Even still, it’s fun to look at, and gets us going for the season. Check out the rankings below, along with each team’s 2015-2016 win/loss record:

  1. UNCW
    UNCW (37 first-place votes): 25-8 (14-4 CAA)
  2. towson
    Towson (2 first-place votes): 20-13 (11-7 CAA)
  3.   tribe thumbnail
    William & Mary (1 first-place vote): 20-11 (11-7 CAA)
  4.  charleston
    College of Charleston: 17-14 (8-10 CAA)
  5.  JMU thumbnaill
    James Madison: 21-11 (11-7 CAA)
  6.  hofstra
    Hofstra: 24-10 (14-4)
  7.  northeastern
    Northeastern: 18-5 (9-9 CAA)
  8. elon phoenix
    Elon: 16-16 (7-11 CAA)
  9.  drexel
    Drexel: 6-25 (3-15 CAA)
  10.  delaware
    Delaware: 7-23 (2-16 CAA)

William & Mary checks in at #3 overall. A solid ranking, no doubt. In taking a quick glance at the rankings, it is perhaps most surprising to us to see Delaware so far down the list. How the mighty have fallen. Another surprise: Hofstra, a power from last season, is slated for a middle of the pack finish this season — but we wouldn’t count them out just yet. Same goes for Northeastern. As mentioned earlier, there’s a lot of parity in the CAA each year, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see one of these “middle of the pack” teams shoot up the rankings this year. Time will tell.

Additionally, two W&M players notched Preseason All-CAA honors, with a 1st team selection in Senior Omar Prewitt and a 2nd team selection in fellow senior Daniel Dixon. These two will be the straws that stir the drink this year for the Tribe. As seasoned veterans now entering their fourth seasons in Williamsburg, expectations are big. But we believe they’re more than up to the task, after finishing last year as the #1 (Prewitt, 17.8 ppg) and #2 (Dixon, 12.5 ppg) scorers on the team.

Road Ahead

bridgewater vs. Bridgewater (November 12th, 2 PM)

louisiville @ Louisville (November 14th, 7 PM)

presbyt vs. Presbyterian (November 19th, 7 PM)

Looking ahead, the Tribe faces a “tune up” opponent in its first contest of the season in Bridgewater, before heading down south to take on perennial powerhouse Louisville. The Tribe will then return back to Williamsburg for a bout against Presbyterian. Words cannot express the excitement we have for this team. Full of seasoned veterans, young studs, and a coach who knows how to get the job done, the Tribe is poised for success this season. We don’t want to jynx anything (knock on wood), but we like our chances this year. Get ready for November 12. LET’S GO TRIBE!!!

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