New Football Uniforms Released!

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It’s FINALLY that time of the year–FOOTBALL IS BACK!!! And nothing says football is back like some brand new, freshly minted Tribe uniforms. William & Mary’s preseason Media Day took place Monday morning at Zable Stadium, and included interviews of coaches and players going into Summer training camp. If you haven’t read up on it yet, check out Tribe Athletics’ page, which provides details from the day and a very interesting smorgasbord of player/coach interviews.

As noted, a big part of this year’s media day included the release of brand NEW white jerseys for the Tribe. In comparison to years past, the new football uniforms have for the first time included the William & Mary Cypher. It’s a pretty big deal at a time when the athletics department has noticeably incorporated the Cypher to athletic teams across campus. You can find the Cypher as the main logo on certain Tribe teams’ jerseys, as well as on the basketball posts in Kaplan arena. We here at the W&M Sports Blog even thought that there was a good possibility the Cypher would make its way to center court in William & Mary Hall this year!

But any way you slice it, we think the new uniforms are a welcome change to their older counterparts, which were somewhat more bland and had nothing in the collar area. They’re also a welcome change to the current green uniforms that include a generic “WM” logo below the collar, as opposed to the Cypher. Outside of the collar, the new uniform also includes a slightly nicer/newer “CAA” logo, while the cursive “Tribe” and Nike logos remain the same.

Above, we included pictures [via WY Daily and Tribe Athletics] of the new 2015 uniform, the old white uniform from year’s past, and the team’s current green uniforms that were released last season so that you can more adequately judge them side by side. We want to know what you think! Leave a vote below and let us know how you rate the new uniforms. And just remember, we’re one Saturday CLOSER to the season…LET’S GO TRIBE!!!

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