W&M Legends vs. Adrian Peterson’s 2006 Oklahoma Sooners

They’re baaaaaaaaaack.

That’s right — the W&M Legends have returned to the gridiron; this time, the Legends are led by the College’s first-ever electrifying dual-threat quarterback, 5’6″ Art Matsu (’28).

Yes, that’s ’28 as in 1928; pretty soon, we’ll have to clarify that for all you Gen Zs out there — might as well start now.

Joining Matsu in the backfield is another diminutive player W&M fans will remember fondly. Checking in at 5’5″, running back Michael “Pinball” Clemons (’87) had it all: blazing speed, rarefied return game skill, and undeniable pass catching abilities.

For good measure, we’ve also added in 5’9″ wide receiver DeVonte Dedmon (’19) to the lineup. Known for his punishing speed and route running ability, Dedmon is a dangerous weapon for Matsu on the field.

On the other side of the ball, can W&M linebackers Tommy Thompson, Dave Pocta, and Luke Rhodes keep Oklahoma’s young Adrian Peterson in check? They may need some help from Raheem Walker, but you’ll need to watch to find out!

The below video includes the best highlights from the entirely computer-simulated game (about 15 exciting minutes of footage).

Below the video itself, you’ll find the full W&M Legends roster, which outlines who’s playing in the game — this way, you’ll know exactly which W&M players of old you’re looking at (we change the lineups slightly from game to game, so keep an eye out).

If you’d like to watch the entire contest between the W&M Legends and the 2006 Oklahoma Sooners, the full 54-minute thriller can be found here.

William & Mary Roster (by number):

#1 Shawn Knight (QB)

#2 Michael “Pinball” Clemons (RB)

#3 Tre McBride (WR)

#4 Mike Tomlin (WR)

#5 Art Matsu (QB)

#6 Steve Christie (K)

#7 David Corley (QB)

#10 Jack Bruce (CB)

#11 DeVonte Dedmon (WR)

#12 Lang Campbell (QB)

#13 Glenn Bodnar (TE)

#17 Ed Weber (FB)

#20 Buster Ramsey (OG)

#21 Charlie Sumner (CB)

#23 Mark Kelso (S)

#24 Mike Leach (TE)

#25 Ron Harrison (CB)

#28 Vito Ragazzo (WR)

#34 Tommy Thompson (LB)

#36 DeAndre Houston-Carson (S)

#37 Derek Cox (CB)

#44 Rich Musinski (WR)

#49 Jude Waddy (LB)

#50 Luke Rhodes (LB)

#55 Steve Shull (LB)

#56 Reggie White (OG)

#60 Jim Ryan (LB)

#61 Lou Creekmur (OT)

#72 Archie Harris (OT)

#75 John Cannon (DE)

#78 Jerry Ugokwe (OT/OG)

#87 David Miller (P)

#93 Sean Lissemore (DT)

#95 Mike Reilly (DE)

#96 Craig Staub (DT)

#97 Adrian Tracy (DE)

#98 Raheem Walker (DT)

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  1. I love this blog its so great and just a great source of modern history as the internet is home for my generation!!!

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