Flat Hat Says W&M Should Cancel Football…Lol.

What would this guy think about the suggestion?

No, this caption is not a joke. The Flat Hat published an article today by the Sports Editor, titled: “Football is a waste of resources, money better off invested elsewhere.” 

Here are some direct quotes from the article:

  • “…it seems like sometimes the only people who actually go to the games are my writers and alumni with tribal feathers coming to relive their glory days. Questionably offensive apparel aside, students would rather immerse themselves in the Crim Dell than in the third down bell.”
  • “So, what can Tribe Athletics spend our tuition money on instead? The short answer is literally anything else.”
  • “…perhaps Tribe Athletics would be better off funding varsity sports that are actually popular with students. I don’t exactly have the power of divination necessary to scry into the future. However, I can recognize trends at other universities in the region.”
  • “It’s time to face the music. The College is not a football school. We aren’t Virginia Tech, or Ohio State or Alabama. The sooner we get over our delusions of grandeur, the sooner we can move on and pretend that it never happened. Then maybe we could take care of football’s neglected, less mediocre siblings who deserve more of our attention.”

Now…where do we begin?

There are so many things wrong with the arguments against football here, it quite literally leaves us at a loss for words. Because of this, we’ve decided to boost some of the most interesting comments we’ve seen come in from across the web. From our Green & Gold Club Facebook Group (join if you haven’t already!), to the comments section of the article itself, here are some comments in response to the piece:

What do you think? 






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