WMSB Exclusive Interview: Brandon Britt (’14)

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Brandon Britt (far right, #12) would go on to lead the Tribe to the CAA Championship as a senior captain in 2014. [photo via tribeathletics.com]
We at the Blog recently had the opportunity to interview Tribe grad (and current W&M grad school student), Brandon Britt. Most of you will remember Britt as a fearless W&M basketball player, one who constantly took the ball to the rim without shying away from contact. Over his career, Britt averaged 11.1 points, while helping guide the team to a CAA Championship berth his senior year (a year in which he averaged 13 points per game). Britt finished his career ranked 17th in W&M history with 1,254 points, and ranks 11th in program history in games played (113), 12th in minutes played (2932), and 14th in 3-pointers made (128).

But it wasn’t always easy; in fact, the majority of the time it was a grind for Britt during his years donning the Green and Gold. Over his first three seasons with the Tribe, W&M struggled, finishing under .500 each year, and never finishing with more than 13 wins. However, in his senior year, the Tribe notched an impressive 20 victories, making it all the way to the CAA Championship Game against Delaware. It’s safe to say that Britt had a big role in the team’s success during his senior year, as he served as a team captain.

As mentioned, Britt has had an interesting path since graduation, first playing professionally before eventually returning to W&M for a graduate degree. Check out his story below. Roll Tribe.

William & Mary 1.0

Why did you choose to attend the College of William & Mary as an undergrad and student athlete?

“I chose to attend the College of William and Mary because at the time my father was ill, and I wanted to make sure I attended a school that was close enough where he could catch my games. It turned out to be the right decision because my father got the opportunity to watch my freshman year before passing away. I also knew that a William and Mary degree would separate me from others when my basketball career ended.”

During your time at W&M, you were known as a scorer, finishing 3 out of 4 seasons with double digit point averages. Could you describe your style of play, and why you think it translated well in the CAA?

“My style of play was very physical and aggressive. I was known as a quick slasher who could finish through contact. Not only did I have the ability to get to the rim at a high level, I also became a good 3-point shooter throughout my time at William and Mary. I think it translated well in the CAA because of my speed and athleticism.” 

Your last 3 years in the ‘Burg overlapped with several great players, such as Marcus Thornton, Julian Boatner, and Terry Tarpey — to name a few. How did you enjoy playing with those guys, and what do you think made you so successful as a team throughout your 4 years?

“I enjoyed playing with every player at William and Mary. Julian Boatner was my freshman roommate and I had the privilege of seeing him develop and grow. Marcus’s career speaks for itself, but he is one of the best players I’ve ever played with throughout my entire basketball career. Terry had one of the best motors and played extremely hard every night. I think the success came from all of the players understanding what it took to be successful and putting that effort into the practice and the gym.”

Your senior year, the team made it all the way to the CAA Championship, facing off against Delaware. Unfortunately for the Tribe, W&M was unable to overcome a tough Blue Hens team in the final minute, narrowly falling 75-74. Could you describe your experience of that game, and how you dealt with the result?

“The CAA championship loss against Delaware was probably the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to deal with. It honestly still haunts me to this very day. To come so close to winning, and to lose that lead was heartbreaking. That was one of the closest moments the Tribe has had to making the big dance, and we just let it slip out of our hands. Winning that game could have been a huge deal for our program, and it also could have changed the trajectory of my professional career. Devastating and heartbreaking loss that I think I will never get over.”

As W&M is known for producing scholar athletes: what did you major in at William & Mary as an undergrad, and why?

“I majored in business (marketing) as an undergrad. I always knew after my professional career that I wanted to enter Corporate America. Their business school has a great reputation, and I knew that I would get the experience and skills needed to be successful in business.”

Professional Career

Albeit brief, you did spend 5 months playing professionally in the Columbia Professional Basketball League. Could you recount that experience, and what it was like to play professionally?

Britt continued his playing career in Columbia with the Bucaros in Bucaramanga. [photo via Twitter]
“My professional experience in Colombia was one of the greatest experiences in my life. To be able to do something you love and get paid for it is one of the greatest feelings.I got a chance to tour Colombia and meet some amazing people. I also was one of the best players in the league before getting hurt. I averaged around 20 ppg and I was widely considered as one of the best guards in the Colombian league.”

How was living abroad in Columbia? Any good stories?

“Living abroad in Colombia was amazing. I met some great people and got a chance to see South America. The food there was great and the people in Colombia treat you so well, especially the US players. The best moment during my time there was when I hit the game winning shot from half court to win the game. It was during a sold out crowd and we clinched a tournament appearance with my shot.”

Why did you ultimately decide to stop playing basketball at the professional level?

“I ultimately decided to stop playing professional basketball because of my injury in Colombia. I injured my groin and it took some time for me to get back healthy. I could have continued with my career, but I had the opportunity to come back to my alma mater as a MBA student. I received a full scholarship to receive my MBA from the Raymond A. Mason School of Business.”

William & Mary 2.0

Britt’s second tour at W&M has been a successful one, as he’ll now hold an MBA from the Mason School of Business. [photo via thembatour.com]
Following your time in Columbia, you enrolled in the College of William & Mary’s MBA program. How did you make the decision to come back to W&M?

“I made the decision to come back to William and Mary’s MBA program because of my full scholarship. It would give me the opportunity to gain more skills and experience, and build a network before I entered Corporate America.” [check out a Q&A with Brandon about his MBA experience at W&M here]

How have you enjoyed your time at W&M, now that you’re no longer a student athlete? And have you had a positive MBA experience in the ‘Burg?

“I’ve enjoyed my time in Williamsburg, as an undergrad/player, and now as a MBA student. My playing days at William and Mary were some of the best days of my life. These past two years as a MBA student have been difficult, but I’ve learned so much and have met so many great people. I have put myself in a position to be really successful in the next few years.”

What are your plans now that you’re graduating?

“My plans after I graduate is to move to the Washington, DC metro area. I recently accepted a job with Booz Allen Hamilton, and I’m excited about my next chapter as a consultant.”

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