Zable Stadium Upgrade Pictures!

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It’s been a little while since we posted some new pictures of Zable Stadium–just over 5 weeks to be exact! Obviously, we can’t let it go much longer than that. And during that time, stadium renovations have come a LONG way. So naturally, to correct for this, we at the W&M Sports Blog recruited a cameraman to “sneak” into Zable and snap some up to date photos!

The biggest differences to note include the completed upper deck seating section and a brand spanking new turf field (which now includes new end zone paint as well as the updated “Tribe” logo in the center of the field). But let’s not forget, there are several updates being made. And we haven’t even seen the suites section yet, as they will be the last sections finished. To provide a refresh on the full scope of the upgrades, they include:

  • An entirely new upper deck seating section
  • Fully loaded suites
  • A brand new turf field (now with a logo in the middle)
  • New press box
  • Improved safety and accessibility features
    • Wider aisles
    • Renovation of existing and addition of new restroom facilities
    • Improved egress lighting
    • Additional hand rails
  • Updated sound system
  • Additional concession and retail locations (amen!)
  • New entrance and ticketing location

Are you excited yet? If you don’t have your season tickets ordered by this point, we don’t know how else to convince you. LET’S GO TRIBE!!!

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