Redesigned W&M Basketball Court Announced!

As most of you know, W&M recently announced major upgrades for Tribe Athletics in its 10 Year Plan, including a new or made-like-new William & Mary Hall/Kaplan Arena. However, we at the Blog don’t remember any mention of a new and improved basketball court! Just four days ago, Tribe Athletics posted a very important message to its social media accounts:

The current court design seems outdated, and in our opinion, doesn’t represent the true Green and Gold colors of the Tribe. There’s simply too much yellow, a color that should be secondary to green, but really does overwhelm the court. Simply put, it’s definitely time for a change.

Above via Instagram, William & Mary Tribe Athletics announced “a new, redesigned look for the court in Kaplan Arena!” However, the exact details of the plans have not been released. Will the renovations be minor, or will they be major? Will additional logos be added, and if so, which ones? These are all crucial questions that Tribe faithful have been contemplating over the past week.

As for the design itself, there are solid points to be made on on every side of the debate. Several fans would like to see a “William & Mary” logo sitting at center-court. This would do much for advertising and marketing, especially when the Tribe plays games on national television, where many viewers would instantly visualize “William & Mary” and pair it with the basketball team.

Others have called for an implementation of the newer W&M Cypher logo. This new logo looks awesome, but is all but unrecognizable outside of the friendly confines of Williamsburg, VA. Many have made the same arguments regarding the generic “Tribe” logo that has been used in recent years. But a counter argument would be, how can these logos become recognizable if they are never used?

Some other off the cuff brainstorming has produced crazy ideas such as an outline of the Wren Building at center court. What do you think of all of this? Check out some of William & Mary’s main logos and VOTE below on what you think should be on center court! Stay tuned for updates on Kaplan Arena here at the W&M Sports Blog! Be sure to vote, we and Tribe Athletics want to know what you think! LET’S GO TRIBE!!!

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