Bye Week Shenanigans

This week, William & Mary enters the bye sporting a mighty 4-1 record. Normally at this time, we at the WM Sports Blog would be busy typing away and posting a preview article for Saturday’s game. But given that the Tribe is on a bye, we decided to make this week’s post a little different. Check out the pictures below, leave a comment, and tell us what you think!

Percy & DeVonte Dedmon

So for this first one, we couldn’t help but ignore the obvious similarity in playing styles between true freshman DeVonte Dedmon and a certain NFL player. You can hand them both the ball, you can throw it to them deep, and they both rock the same number…so, which one is Percy?! We’ll get back to you when we figure it out…

Raphael Ortiz & Steve Cluley

For this picture, we couldn’t help but take advantage of some number changing that occurred in the offseason. Always keeping us on our toes. Tricky….

Wes & Sean Ballard

Another NFL comparison of two #83 receivers putting in some reps on the practice field. “Look it in, #83!” It’s almost as if they planned these pictures to be taken in the same pose…

Last but not least…our favorite.

Dan & John Carpenter

Not only does our John Carpenter sport the same hairdo as Dan Carpenter of the Buffalo Bills, but they’re both kickers with the same last name….Which begs the question, are they actually related?

Leave a comment! GO TRIBE!!!

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