Zable Stadium Renovations!

William & Mary announced today renovations and additions to Zable Stadium. Although the stadium has a storied past, it was definitely in need of renovations. All of this was made possible through great and very generous donations from William & Mary alums and family.

Several things were announced, such as, “Once complete, the renovated stadium will have improved safety and accessibility features – including wider aisles, renovation of existing and addition of new restroom facilities, improved egress lighting, additional hand rails, an upgraded sound system, additional concession and retail locations, and a new entrance and ticketing location.” The renovations should be completed before the beginning of the 2016 season.

Check out the pictures below and leave a comment to let us know what you think! GO TRIBE.

zable reno 2
zable reno 3

zable reno 1zable reno 3

8 thoughts on “Zable Stadium Renovations!

  1. Outstanding plan for Zable! With the Laycock Center plus the new stadium we will be competitive with any FCS university. As a season ticket holder I am really excited about the plans. Also, just a word on what a great job you are doing with this blog!!

  2. Zable will look more amazing and improvements to/additional restrooms are badly needed. What a wonderful gift from Tribe faithful!

  3. Looks great, a few questions…what is the seating capacity and why delet the end zone seating, I don’t know of a college or pro team that do not have end zone seating. I’ve attended Tribe Football games for the past 20+ years and will continue to do so. I am an Alum of another University but live in Williamsburg.

    1. The new seating capacity has yet to be confirmed. Also, whether or not the College will still be using the end zone seating has yet to be confirmed. I know of several people on the CSN boards who have e-mailed the W&M Athletic Director, asking to keep the end zone seats!

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