Quarterback Development & New Football Jerseys

It’s finally August! This very month, the Tribe will finally begin their Football season. A the major development we’ve been tracking this offseason has been the Quarterback situation. Just yesterday, it was announced that Raphael Ortiz will no longer play football for the Tribe (due to his shoulder issue), “after the team’s medical staff disqualified him from competition.”

This is a major blow for the Tribe, as many thought that Ortiz would come back from his shoulder surgery, take the starting job as the only Senior Quarterback on the roster, and play a full season under center. We at the WM Sports Blog wish Ortiz the best, and are thankful that we heard Ortiz is staying on the squad in a Student Assistant role.

Next man up! Without Ortiz, the Tribe opened Summer Camp this week with Christian Brumbaugh, Steve Cluley, and Jhalil Mosley as the main candidates to take the starting Quarterback job. There has been much discussion this offseason that Mosley would unseat Ortiz (if Ortiz were healthy), but it was also recently announced that Mosley himself is sitting out this training camp with an ankle injury–the same ankle injury that made him sit out this year’s Spring game.

Darkhorse candidates for the Tribe QB competition include True Freshman Isaiah Kinder and Spring Game phenom Frank Brown. It will be very interesting to see how this Summer’s QB competition shakes up, but with several weapons on this year’s offense, the Tribe needs to find a competent and consistent starter as soon as possible.

To do some studying on your own regarding the QB situation: if you missed any of our Quarterback Profiles of Brumbaugh, Cluley, and Mosley, you can view them by clicking on their names in our earlier article! There has also been a great thread on the matter in the CSN Blogs–we strongly encourage you to join in on the discussion!

On a lighter note, Summer Camp has also brought Tribe fans some awesome pictures of the Tribe’s newly released and updated jerseys. Courtesy of Kendell Anderson and Tre McBride’s Instagram accounts, you can view the new jerseys below! Looks like the Tribe will be playing in style this season. Do you like the new stripes on the pants? Go Tribe!

Kendall Anderson
Kendell Anderson via Instagram
Tre McBride
Tre McBride via Instagram




3 thoughts on “Quarterback Development & New Football Jerseys

  1. The Tribe Quarterback Carousel has been rolling ever since R.J. Archer stepped off Villanova’s field on that frigid December evening in 2009. With Ortiz and Mosley out of the picture, I have to think the go-to guy will be Brumbaugh because he’s 1.) big and 2.) been around a while. Those are not terribly compelling reasons, but Laycock will be choosing between unknown quantities and I’ll wager he goes conservative. My second vote is for Brown because 1.) he looked promising in the spring game and 2.) maybe he’ll have a Roman numeral 4 after his name on the back of his jersey, and wouldn’t that be fun?

    I really liked the 2008-2013 jerseys, and feel as though the pant stripe just clutters them. But it could be a lot worse so I won’t complain.

  2. #6 Mckee …freshmen very impressive 1000 yds plus last year as a QB.. 6th leading rusher in South Hampton Rhodes.. hmmmmmmm and he can throw the ball too..

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