2014 Preview: Quarterbacks

The Tribe Taking the Field [via Tribe Athletics]
The Tribe Taking the Field [via Tribe Athletics]

As we have mentioned several times on this blog, the biggest question mark for the football team this year is deciding which quarterback will get the season start at Lane Stadium when the Tribe take on the Virginia Tech Hokies. Earlier, we profiled each of the potential starting Quarterback candidates for this year’s Tribe football team.

If you missed any of the profiles, we’ve got you covered. All of the links to the profiles have been posted below, for you to peruse at your leisure. Please leave a comment and tell us which Tribe Quarterback you’d like to see start opening day and why, we’d love to hear some of your views on the most important position in the game! Do your research and leave a comment below!

Raphael Ortiz – Senior [out for 2014-2015 with injury]

Christian Brumbaugh – Junior

Steve Cluley – Sophomore

Jhalil Mosley – Freshman

Darkhorse Candidates (via Tribe Athletics)

Frank Brown IV – Sophomore

Isaiah Kinder – True Freshman 

Tommy Mckee – True Freshman 

Michael Yankovich – True Freshman

Update: Be sure to check out our newest post about the most recent Development in the Tribe’s QB situation if you haven’t already!


3 thoughts on “2014 Preview: Quarterbacks

  1. Mosley all the way. He’s young and multidimensional. I’d love to see the team blood him early so that by the time he is an upperclassman he will have years of game experience. Both Jimmye and Rogers have tons of experience developing quarterbacks. Who wouldn’t want the see the next Donovan McNabb here at William and Mary?
    I like Ortiz but he only has a year left to play and then we will have to start this whole process over again next season. Also I’m a little gun shy about quarterbacks with arm injuries because Paulus was never the same. If the team doesn’t start Ortiz, I think we should go with the youngest of the three unproven quarterbacks.

  2. Senior Starter Ortiz is my choice if he is healthy. He has the experience and skill to lead the Tribe to a successful season.

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