Why does Jimmye Laycock have an “e” in his Name?


Head Coach Jimmye Laycock will coach his 35th season with the Tribe in 2015.
Dare we call it…a mysterE?

Perhaps no W&M Head Coach in the history of the school has been as highly revered as Jimmye Laycock. Going into his 37th season with the Tribe, Laycock has amassed an all-time resume at the FCS level, and will be a sure-fire first ballot College Hall of Famer when his time comes. Wielding a 240-174-2 overall record, 24 winning seasons, 12 postseason appearances, and 6 league championships, it is perhaps most impressive that he has done all of this at one of the most academic schools in the country. What Laycock has been able to do in recruiting despite stringent academic requirements has been nothing short of incredible.

But we have to wonder…why the “e” on the end of his first name? Well, ladies and gentlemen, we finally have our answer. After wondering for years, heck, decades, the world will finally know. While monitoring the internet for daily W&M sports news (yes, we at the W&M Sports Blog actually do this. Roll Tribe.), we came across an article by John O’Connor of the Richmond Times-Dispatch. In it, he tells us exactly why Jimmye is spelled with an “e.”

The mother of William & Mary football coach Jimmye Laycock was a guest at a 1995 Tribe luncheon. Ruth Laycock answered a common question: Why is there an “e” at the end of her son’s name?

Ruth Laycock said her husband, Albert, decided before Laycock was born that if the child was a boy, he would be called Jimmy, not James, not Jim. Ruth Laycock went along, but said she suggested an “e” at the end “because it dignifies the name. And he was very special.’’

Mystery solved. A dignified name indeed. GO TRIBE.

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